Bantam Power: Technique, Power, Sprint and SPEED: Aug 20-24


BESA Speed Program is designed for AAA Athletics Only and includes Puck Control, Explosive acceleration, quick reaction and Advanced Skating, as well our advanced Sprint training done by International Sprint Trainer Walter Dong. Featuring creative, game-specific skills and drills with professional feedback and high tempo repetition, puck control with Speed and Confidence is the outcome.

The BESA 2 Program is designed to complement your current off-season training program and periodization schedule, such as your chosen weight training or dryland program, and any other 3 vs 3 or skill-specific program you are building into your summer training plan. We highly suggest that you let your trainers know you will be skating with Anderson Hockey this summer.

This 5-day MINI BESA Program is delivered in Two (2) distinct blocks uniquely incorporating POWER + SPRINT= PURE SPEED formula. Your schedule will need to accommodate all Five (5) Days.


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