Besa power skating

Technique + Power + Sprint = Pure Speed

Our mission is to provide the highest level of skating development resources to committed hockey players and coaches worldwide to help create the best players on earth.

Anderson Hockey full believes that every young athletic should be given the opportunity to experience the number one ranked Power Skating program in the market today. Anderson Hockey is built on a solid foundation and philosophy “Any player of any ability can improve performance by focusing on the four most essential pillars of Skating: BALANCE, EFFICIENCY, SPEED and Agility”

Our custom program is artistically planned and hand crafted to deliver Real time results. With each session your player and you will notice remarkable results and ones that will teach overall understand, skating style and proper technique for maximum results.

Our vision is to unite our team of skating experts, led by Hockey skating coach Stephen Anderson, to provide each new generation of hockey players, at every level of the game, fundamental to advanced level skating education so they are empowered to achieve maximum performance in the game of hockey.

Our goal is to extract the potential out of every player we train and ignite the passion for self-awareness, self-improvement, and skill development.

We strive to advance the hockey skating and skills development industry by examining progressive techniques, drills, and theories about developing speed and efficiencies on-ice. We are not stuck in the 80’s “power skating” movement. We are on the cutting edge of the hockey skating development era.

Today i will do what others won’t, so tomorrow i can do what others can’t

Players will gain:

  • Significant improvement in technique, power, speed and confidence that will allow your player to become a dominant force on the ice.
  • A special emphasis on stopping and forward skating skills – the foundation of all power and speed.
  • An incredible chance to meet the highly-skilled, Anderson Hockey team and receive individual instruction from some of the best skating coaches in the world.


The coaches at BESA SPEED and ANDERSON HOCKEY are both skating development experts and performance experts. As such we are able to create programs specific to almost any coach development needs. We welcome the opportunity to work specifically with coaches on ways to effectively integrate skating development into their practice planning. We also thoroughly enjoy working with coaches in finding solutions to any number of high performance training issues. A few examples of sessions that we have prepared for coaches are;

  • Elevating awareness, focus, and anticipation
  • Confidence, courage and commitment
  • High Performance is a function of low tolerance
  • Own Your Power: the power-energy connection
  • Abundant Energy and Total Engagement
  • Speed Beyond Belief: Physical, Mental, Emotional integration

Whatever you might need assistance with related to the demands of coaching, our performance experts can help.

Contact Stephen Anderson 780-893-6920 or the Office At 1-866-462-5399 to speak about creating a program that will meet your specific needs


Bring the BESA SPEED team to your prospects camp, training camp, mini-camp, or yearly development program. For more information, please have the Director of Player Development contact our office directly at

Remote Skating Critique

Send us a video of your player and get personalized feedback from professional skating coaches who have worked with dozens of NHL stars.

Do you have a player who’s under-performing or has hit a plateau?

Sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes and world-class advice from a top-tier skating coach who knows EXACTLY what it takes to succeed on the ice.

That’s why BESA Speed™ offers Remote Skating Critiques – a unique opportunity for you to send us game-time film of any individual player and receive personalized, detailed feedback to help your player break through all the obstacles that are affecting performance.

Send your video by email and we’ll comment, provide error detection, and even send three specific on-ice and three off-ice drills to help you correct the error.

Send your video by mail, and we can also analyze the footage with “Dartfish” technology – providing you even more specific, moment-by-moment feedback!

Of course, you’ll also receive the specific error correction strategies with this package as well.

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